What Are Orb Weaver Spiders?

Orb weaver spiders can be found almost everywhere in the world—including the dark corners of your home. They are among the most common variety of spiders and make up a group of over 2,840 species in the Araneidae family. What makes so many spider species all part of the same family? The distinctive orb-shaped webs they weave, which are just like the kind you see in cartoon drawings and Halloween decorations.

The most famous orb weaver is a fictional spider—Charlotte from the beloved children’s book Charlotte’s Web. Even if you find that particular orb weaver terrific, however, you probably don’t want the real thing as a roommate.

How To Spot Orb Weaver Spiders

Even if you don’t see any orb weavers in your home, that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Some studies suggest that you are always within ten feet of a spider. To know whether you are sharing your living space with these creepy crawlies, look out for their webs. They are most commonly spotted in the late summer or fall, when they are fully grown and have been hard at work constructing webs before mating and laying their eggs.

Because they are nocturnal, you probably won’t see orb weavers during the day. You’re much more likely to catch one by surprise when you flip on a light switch in a dark room at night. If you happen to spot one hanging around a web, it’s probably a female spider. While females spend most of their time constructing webs and trapping small insects, males devote their time to finding the perfect mate. Once they’ve mated, however, a female orb weaver often turns her partner into her next meal!

Are Orb Weaver Spiders Dangerous?

Unless you’re a small insect, an orb weaver won’t go out of its way to harm you. These common household spiders are typically unassuming and easily startled—when frightened by a human, they’re most likely to run away and hide. If provoked, however, an orb weaver can bite a human. Though this bite isn’t particularly dangerous, it is similar in sensation to a bee sting, so best to leave them alone.

The real danger of having orb weavers in your home is the possibility for an infestation. The female orb weaver can lay hundreds of eggs in a single egg sac. These durable egg sacs can survive freezing winter temperatures. When temperatures rise in the spring, hundreds of baby spiders can hatch and spread out around your home, looking for a corner of it to claim as their own.

How To Get Rid of Orb Weaver Spiders

If you keep spotting spider webs around your home, you might need professional spider control assistance. McCarthy Termite & Pest Control can help rid your home of orb weavers and other spiders commonly found in Kansas homes like brown recluse spiders and black widow spiders. We take a comprehensive, customized approach to extermination by first performing an initial inspection. This includes checking the exterior and interior of your home for entry points, clearing out existing spider webs, and offering personalized tips for preventing future infestations. Call today to learn more about our spider control services and rid your home of unwanted guests for good.