The most significant thing to keep in mind about pest control in the ST. LOUIS area is that all homes are different and have their own particular pest control issues. Pests (and pest control treatments) vary from property to property. Each home has unique structural vulnerabilities that allow pests to invade and take up residence. To adequately ensure that you keep unwanted bugs, insects, and rodents out, avenues into your home must be eliminated. To get rid of the pests that have managed to find their way in, you’ll need the assistance of a qualified pest control professional.

How Do Bugs Get Inside?

The first step is to identify potential entry points. This will help you discover what bugs, insects, and/or rodents you’re currently sharing your home and property with. It will also determine how they are sneaking their way into your home. If you’re lucky, an inspection might reveal that no pests are detected (if so, you might consider purchasing a lottery ticket!). The inspection would still be helpful to see what, if any, pests could invade and where they might make their nests.

If, like most people in the ST. LOUIS area, you ARE cohabitating with bugs, insects, and/or rodents, McCarthy Pest & Termite Control can devise a plan to get them out of your home. They will also be able to locate and point out dark, damp places in or around your home that could potentially attract pests. Being aware of the possibility of bugs gaining entry can prevent future infestations.

Treating Your Home For Pests

The next step to successful pest control is to eliminate the existing bugs, insects, and/or rodents in and around your home. After identifying exactly which pests they’re dealing with, our trained technicians will present a plan to treat them. At McCarthy Pest & Termite Control, we offer a variety of possible pest control treatments that are safe for humans and pets. Our pest control professionals will work with you to decide which one works best for you and your family. We not only treat your current pests, but also assist you with ongoing prevention. It’s our goal to keep your home pest-free!

McCarthy Pest & Termite Control Offers Effective Pest Control Options

You can rely on McCarthy Pest & Termite Control to defend your home against unwanted and potentially harmful bugs, insects, and rodents. Contact us today for a thorough inspection and a personalized pest control treatment plan.