Winter Squirrel Infestations

The holiday season is often a time to welcome family and friends into your home. Not everyone is an ideal houseguest, however. Wondering who is among the worst winter guests of all? Squirrels. Like many of the guests whose visits you dread, these pesky mammals arrive uninvited, overstay their welcome, and leave the place a disaster. Here are seven reasons why squirrels are the worst holiday guests—and what to do if you have a winter squirrel infestation.

They Chew Their Way In

Squirrels do not need an invitation to set up camp at your place—they are more than happy to force their way in. They will usually enter through chimneys, drainpipes, and gaps in walls or siding. If there are no obvious entrance points, however, they will not hesitate to chew their way into your attic.

They Are Noisy

While this is far from the worst of your problems when you have a winter squirrel infestation, it is often your first clue that they have arrived. When you have squirrels living in your attic, you will often hear their feet pitter-pattering around above the ceiling. Because they do not hibernate, this racket may continue throughout the winter at odd hours of the day and night. Even though you will not see them, it is a constant reminder that they are around.

They Tear up Insulation

Squirrels know how to make themselves at home in your attic in the worst way. Once inside, they will start ripping apart the insulation to make nests for themselves. A winter squirrel infestation will leave your insulation less effective, letting more hot air out of your home and driving up your heating bill.

They Bite through Wires

Squirrels will not stop at insulation, either. They also have a bad habit of biting through wires to help file down their ever-growing incisors. Not only can this cause short circuits and power outages, it is also a fire hazard. If a squirrel chews through the rubber casing around a wire, the exposed metal can lead to combustion when in contact with flammable materials like insulation and wood.

They Are Messy

Ever had to deal with a holiday guest’s pet peeing or pooping in your home? As much of a hassle as it is to clean this up once, imagine how much worse it is during a winter squirrel infestation. They will leave urine and feces all over your attic, ruining your insulation.

They Pose a Health Risk

Should any squirrel waste get into your living space, it poses a serious health risk for pets and humans. This is especially true for small children who put everything in sight into their mouths. Bacteria from squirrel feces can cause salmonellosis and leptospirosis, which each come with a host of unpleasant side effects and serious risks. Squirrels also bring fleas and disease-carrying ticks inside.

They Might Multiply

A couple of squirrels might like your home so much that they decide to start a family right above your heads. Squirrels breed in summer and winter, so an adult female squirrel may well give birth to a litter while living in your ceiling.

How to Get Rid of Squirrels

Need help dealing with a winter squirrel infestation? McCarthy Pest & Termite Control can help. Our experts will safely remove the squirrels from your attic and implement preventative measures to keep them from coming back. Call us today and we will send these unwanted winter guests packing!