Mickey Mouse, Jacque and Gus, Jerry—the foil to Tom—animated films make mice seem like sweet, harmless creatures who sometimes cohabitate with humans. In reality, they are serious pests who can carry fleas, spread illness and disease, and even bite. Mice are among the most hated of all household pests, and because they breed so quickly, they can be difficult to eradicate.

Do I Have A Mouse Infestation?

How do you know if you have a mouse problem? Here are seven signs of a mice infestation that mean you should call a professional exterminator like McCarthy Pest & Termite Control ASAP.

  1. Scratching : Before you see them, you might hear them. Mice are nocturnal, so while you are lying down to sleep, they are up and about. If you notice scratching sounds coming from the walls or ceiling of your home, you may have a mouse problem.
  2. Signs of Nibbling : Ever pulled a snack box out of your cupboard only to notice the corner had been chewed away? This may be a sign of a mice infestation. Because mice spread disease, you should throw away any food items they have gotten into. Check your cupboard regularly for new nibble marks that indicate an invasion is ongoing.
  3. Mice Droppings :

    If you notice fresh droppings in your home, this is a definite sign of an unwanted houseguest—any mammal who isn’t trained to relieve themselves outside or in a designated location shouldn’t be allowed to stay. Not only are droppings disgusting, they also create a health hazard for you, your pets, and any small children who may live in or visit your home.

  4. Bad Smell : Rodents breed quickly, create urine pillars, and excrete up to 80 droppings a night—all of this activity can create an unpleasant odor akin to stale urine. Even if you don’t notice the smell at first, your pets might—watch for any unusual scratching behaviors from dogs and cats that may indicate they are on the scent of an invader.
  5. Tracks : If you have an infestation, you may notice rodent tracks appear in dusty areas of your home. The grease from their furry coats can also leave dark marks on walls they’ve brushed up against when shuffling along.
  6. Nests : Mice build nests of fabric, paper, straw, and other similar materials to house their young. You might find nests like this in cupboards or hidden behind appliances. If you spot one, it’s a sign of an escalating infestation, as the mice in your house have begun to breed.
  7. A Dead Mouse :

    The surest sign of an infestation is seeing it with your own eyes. Whether you stumble upon a dead mouse in the hallway, or your adoring tabby brings it to you as a surprising gift, you should contact a professional pest control service immediately.

How To Get Rid Of Mice

Have you noticed any or all of these signs of a mice infestation? Then give McCarthy Pest & Termite Control a call today. We perform a thorough 6-point inspection to remove the mice from your home and prevent more from re-entering.

Call us today to schedule a personalized treatment and get rid of the pests in and around your home.