Best Pest Control In Missouri

Not all pest control companies are created equal. The quality of treatment and customer service can vary considerably from one company to the other. To ensure that we solve your pest problem, McCarthy Termite & Pest Control relies on our expertly-trained technicians. You can count on them to first assess your specific problem then effectively treat the pests they find with products that won’t harm your family or pets. We strive to provide the highest level of customer service by quickly treating your current infestation and preventing pests from returning. That means we’ll get rid of what’s bugging you (pun intended) AND show you how to keep pests out!

We Offer Effective Pest Control

Pest infestation should not be an ongoing issue. Ideally, treatment for pests will be necessary only once or twice. An exception to this rule, invasive pests such as termites may take multiple visits. No matter how much we may like you and your family, our goal is not to visit you too often! We want to make sure that, through treatment and prevention, your home stays free from unwanted bugs, insects, and rodents. McCarthy Termite & Pest Control prides itself on efficient treatment by trained professionals who not only get rid of existing pests but keep them from coming back.

We Use Pest Control Treatments That Are Safe For Humans And Pets

At McCarthy, we understand that some consumers want to use eco-friendly pest control treatments. Many of our customers start off using essential oils or other household products to treat the bugs and insects they find in and around their homes.Those methods are great for an ant pile next to your back porch but are not necessarily the best choice for treating a widespread infestation or keeping bugs and insects away long-term. Our technicians always use, and are educated on, the most current products in the industry. This allows them to safely apply the chemicals used in our pest control treatments. If you have any questions or concerns about these chemicals, the tech can explain in further detail.

If you are interested in something a bit less harsh than the conventional sprays, we do have other options available. Our priority is keeping your family and pets safe. Ask your technician for details

McCarthy Termite & Pest Control Guarantees Customer Satisfaction

McCarthy Termite & Pest Control promises exceptional customer service. Satisfaction is at the top of our priority list, right next to permanently eliminating the pests that are taking over your home. Our skilled technicians will treat you and your residence as if it were their own, always respecting your privacy and considering your preferences. McCarthy relies heavily on referrals from satisfied customers; so, we work hard to make sure we get the job done!

Trust McCarthy For Complete Home Pest Control & Commercial Pest Control

No matter the degree of your current pest infestation, we are committed to ridding your residence or commercial property of annoying (and possibly dangerous) bugs, insects, and rodents. Our trained technicians are ready for your unique pest control problem.Let us impress you with our first-rate methods and superior customer service. When you want the best in pest control, contact the professionals at McCarthy.