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Missouri Pest Blog

  • Preparing Your Missouri Home for Fall Pests

Preparing Your Missouri Home for Fall Pests

As the weather gets cooler and the leaves change colors, everyone is spending more time indoors.  This goes for the creepy crawly things too.  If you give bugs and pests [...]

  • Fly-in-Soup

I Have Flies in My House

Unless you are an entomologist who is fascinated by all things buggy, you probably don’t like flies – especially not in your Missouri home! Because of their tendency to buzz [...]

  • Pests in Missouri

Stored Product Pests in Missouri

What are these bugs in my cereal? Stored Product Pests, also known as Pantry Pests, are a group of bugs with an appetite for dried and processed foods that [...]

  • Get Rid Of Ants

Get Rid Of Ants

Why can’t I get rid of these ants, and why do they seem to get worse every year? Millions of American homeowners spot trails of ants through their kitchens [...]

Missouri Pest Control During COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed so much about our day-to-day lives, but some challenges remain the same. Pests, it seems, did not get the memo about social distancing. They are just [...]

Are Rodents Dangerous?

The differences between cute cartoon mice and undomesticated rodents could not be starker. While their TV and film alter egos may make you soft on these furry mammals, mice [...]

Why Are Bugs In My Backyard ?

The great outdoors is the natural habitat for bugs. For better or worse, being outside means coexisting with them. Not all outdoor habitats are created alike, however, and there [...]

  • Stink Bug Facts

Stink Bug Facts & Removal

Wintertime can be a source of relief from pests. Many species die off after laying eggs that won’t hatch until spring, and others go dormant for the cold months. However, [...]

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