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Preparing Your Missouri Home for Fall Pests

September 30th, 2021|

As the weather gets cooler and the leaves change colors, everyone is spending more time indoors.  This goes for the creepy crawly things too.  If you give bugs and pests a doorway, food, and water, they will find a way to make themselves at home.  Living in Missouri, you will [...]

Do I Have Moles In My Missouri Backyard?

August 31st, 2021|

What are moles? Moles are mammals that spend their lives underground, constantly digging to hunt. They are typically 4-10 inches in length and can have black, brown, or grey velvet-like fur. A mole’s hindlimbs are short and somewhat underdeveloped. Their forelimbs are strong with long claws used for digging. Because [...]

I Have Flies in My House

July 30th, 2021|

Unless you are an entomologist who is fascinated by all things buggy, you probably don’t like flies – especially not in your Missouri home! Because of their tendency to buzz annoyingly, badger both humans and animals, then help themselves to our food, flies are unwelcome house guests. There are about [...]

Stored Product Pests in Missouri

June 28th, 2021|

What are these bugs in my cereal? Stored Product Pests, also known as Pantry Pests, are a group of bugs with an appetite for dried and processed foods that most people have in their homes. Ever open up a bag of flour and notice small, black specks? Well, those [...]

Get Rid Of Ants

May 25th, 2021|

Why can’t I get rid of these ants, and why do they seem to get worse every year? Millions of American homeowners spot trails of ants through their kitchens or dining area, especially in the warmer months. That’s when ants seem to be everywhere around your house. Like all [...]

Why Are Bugs In My Backyard ?

April 14th, 2021|

The great outdoors is the natural habitat for bugs. For better or worse, being outside means coexisting with them. Not all outdoor habitats are created alike, however, and there are certain things that attract more bugs to your yard than would otherwise be there. The good news is that this [...]

Are Rodents Dangerous?

March 22nd, 2021|

The differences between cute cartoon mice and undomesticated rodents could not be starker. While their TV and film alter egos may make you soft on these furry mammals, mice and rats are not your friends. Wondering why it is so important to keep rodents out of your home? From property [...]

Missouri Pest Control During COVID-19

February 15th, 2021|

COVID-19 has changed so much about our day-to-day lives, but some challenges remain the same. Pests, it seems, did not get the memo about social distancing. They are just as prevalent as ever in our homes and businesses. You might be wondering, is it still safe to seek pest control? [...]

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