When Should I Use Professional Pest Control?

When you have a pest control problem, it’s best to contact an exterminator. Realizing you need a professional is easy. However, because there are so many to choose from, knowing which company to hire can be overwhelming. Not all pest control companies are equal. Do your research – you don’t want to hire just any random company.

How Do I Choose A Pest Control Company?

When considering a pest control company, find out if they are licensed. Are they bonded? Most importantly, are they properly trained? These are things you need to know before letting pest control technicians into your home.

Being licensed, bonded, and trained better qualifies a pest control company to treat your residence or business. You can confirm that a company is licensed by contacting the local agency that issues pest control operators’ licenses. A pest control company must be bonded to ensure they will pay for any damage that might occur when your home or business is being serviced. Often the state pesticide agency will offer certifications and training to local pest control companies. Don’t be afraid to ask a pest control technician questions about the specifics of his/her training.

Best Pest Control Company In ST. LOUIS

Remember…are they licensed? Are they bonded? Are they trained? Finding a company that can answer yes to all these questions might be harder than you think. McCarthy Pest and Termite Control offers you all this and more. Our skilled and professional technicians provide the safest and most effective pest removal service in the St. Louis, Missouri area. Not only do we help get rid of your pests….we keep them from coming back.

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