COVID-19 has changed so much about our day-to-day lives, but some challenges remain the same. Pests, it seems, did not get the memo about social distancing. They are just as prevalent as ever in our homes and businesses.

You might be wondering, is it still safe to seek pest control? Should the bug guy be coming in my home amidst a global pandemic? Below we answer this and other frequently asked questions about pest control during COVID-19.

Is pest control an essential service?

Yes. The pest control industry was deemed an essential service because we are responsible for protecting property, health, and the environment. Just as you can still shop at your local grocery store, you can still contact your local provider for pest control during COVID-19.

How will McCarthy Pest & Termite Control keep my family and their employees safe?

Our team constantly reviews, updates, and implements the latest CDC guidelines to ensure a safe interaction with our team members and costumers. This includes using personal protective equipment (PPE), social distancing, wearing masks, frequent handwashing, and regular sanitizing of equipment, tools, and commonly touched surfaces. Please give us a call if you have any further questions about our current safety procedures.

Exterior pest control

You may still be nervous about inviting people into your home. Rightly so.

While our team takes every available precaution to protect your health, we understand if you are still hesitant about having pest control personnel enter your home. In this case, we can still treat the exterior of your house. Most of the steps in our 6-point pest inspection process take place outdoors as we examine your yard, foundation, and entry points like doors and windows. We may ask you to provide photos or videos of specific areas inside your home to help us complete the inspection to the best of our abilities. If you have questions about whether your specific pest concern can be handled without requiring staff to enter your home, give us a call.

How do pests affect my health?

COVID-19 has not been found to spread through household pests, but other illnesses do. For example, rats and mice—as well as the fleas and ticks they often carry—are responsible for spreading dozens of diseases. Additionally, some spiders have a venomous bite. Just as the coronavirus is a threat to your family’s health, so are these unwelcome guests. If you leave an infestation unchecked, it can rapidly worsen. Consider the overall health of your family and home environment when deciding whether to seek pest control during COVID-19.

What if someone in my home is sick?

If you or someone in your home has tested positive for COVID-19, is experiencing symptoms, or is currently under self-quarantine restrictions, please wait to seek pest control. Likewise, we will not send staff with a known infection to service your home.

McCarthy pest control during COVID-19

If you need pest control services during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, do not hesitate to reach out to McCarthy Pest & Termite control. We follow the latest CDC guidelines and take every precaution to keep you and our employees safe while delivering the best pest control services possible. Call us today for a free consultation.