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Silver, Scaly Insects
Silverfish are small, wingless insects with segmented bodies and long antennae. They generally don’t get bigger than ¾ of an inch but can live up to eight years and replicate quickly. Nobody wants these creatures scurrying around their kitchen, bathroom, or garage.

Silverfish get their name from their silvery, gray color and come in many varieties, all of which are creepy looking. You might recognize them by their carrot-shaped bodies and antennae. They don’t have wings and so can’t fly but compensate for this by being able to move very quickly. AND they are nocturnal, so you are unlikely to spot them during the day. Quick movers who come out at night – everything you could want in a bug!

pest control silverfish

Little Silver Bugs In The Bathroom?

Do you notice these bugs scampering across the floor of your bathroom when you flip on the light? Silverfish love damp conditions, so bathrooms are a perfect place for them to try and settle in. They tuck themselves into hard-to-reach cracks and crevices away from sight. Picture the area behind your toilet…not a space you inspect often

Where Do Silverfish Live?

Although silverfish prefer dark, damp places such as bathrooms and kitchens, they may also be found in garages and attics. They will sometimes nest in these areas, leaving behind small, black droppings or empty shells from molting.

Silverfish like to hang out under eaves and shingles, too. That brings them into close contact with your home and family. They are unsightly things to have crawling in and around your house AND can cause serious damage to your valuables as they feed.


pest control silverfish

What Do Silverfish Eat?

Silverfish represent an ancient lineage of insects that usually consume crumbs and starches. They munch on starchy foods that are stored in unsealed containers (bags of flour, for example). These insects can survive on nutrient-poor “foods” such as glue, hair, and leather. In times of desperation, silverfish will eat synthetic fibers, dead insects, and even their own molted exoskeletons. They can live for months without eating at all!

pest control silverfish

Are Silverfish Dangerous?

Silverfish are generally harmless. They do not bite – their mandibles can barely penetrate anything much thicker than paper. However, they can do significant damage to property by means of their eating habits. Silverfish seek out matter containing polysaccharides, especially starches and dextrin. These are found in adhesives, such as glue and paste – Picture valuable items such as old books, leather clothing, and quality wallpapers. Silverfish may also damage fabric – holes in draperies, bed linens, and clothing can occur due to silverfish feeding. They can also destroy paper and cardboard.

pest control silverfish

Do Silverfish Carry Disease?

Silverfish are not known to carry any threatening diseases. However, they can trigger allergic reactions, if found in large numbers. Inhaling or accidentally consuming silverfish eggs and their dead body parts can trigger allergy-induced asthma and other respiratory problems. When silverfish feces and dead skin mix with the bodies of other dead pests as dust inside your home, the risk of serious allergic reactions is increased.

And, though not overly dangerous themselves, silverfish attract other, more threatening pests, such as centipedes, spiders, and cockroaches that CAN harm humans or spread diseases.

How To Get Rid Of Silverfish

Silverfish can be tricky to eliminate from your home because they are small and can easily travel from room to room. However, keeping dry those areas that are usually moist will go a long way in preventing silverfish from multiplying in your home. Ventilating bathrooms during and after showering, either by opening a window or using an extractor fan can help prevent a silverfish infestation. You can also make sure all cracks in walls and baseboards are filled.

Applying an appropriate pesticide to those areas where you’ve noticed the presence of silverfish might help alleviate the infestation. In addition, regular cleaning and vacuuming is advisable in order to remove possible food sources and destroy silverfish eggs.

One popular DIY method for the control of silverfish involves the use of cinnamon. Cinnamon naturally repels these insects and they will avoid it at all costs. Placing cinnamon inside cupboards may keep these creatures out of those areas but won’t completely eliminate them from your home. It repels but doesn’t kill!

Need Help With Silverfish? Call McCarthy Pest & Termite Control.

If you have tried these methods and can’t seem to get a handle on your silverfish infestation, call McCarthy Pest & Termite Control. Our technicians are experts at removing silverfish and preventing them from taking up residence in your home.

Trust our trained professionals to inspect your home for silverfish. We’ll check the interior and exterior, identifying possible points of entry. Then we’ll provide safe and efficient treatment, all detailed in a service report provided for your review. Let the experts at McCarthy provide affordable and effective treatment for all your pest control needs.

pest control silverfish


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