A Bite From A Centipede Can Be Painful!

A bite from one of these bugs is quite painful, feeling similar to, and having the same symptoms as, a bee sting. They use venom to attack and paralyze their prey; however, centipedes can and will bite people.

How To Get Rid Of Centipedes

Getting rid of centipedes can be difficult because they are very good at hiding in the dark cracks of your home. The best way to get rid of centipedes is with the help of a pest control professional. McCarthy’s Pest team has the experience, training, and skills necessary to eliminate centipedes from your home quickly and effectively. At McCarthy Pest & Termite Control, we understand that each home has different needs. We’ll inspect your entire property in order to provide a customized centipede control plan.

Centipedes Scurrying Around Inside Your Home Can Give You A Fright!

Centipedes are arthropods with many legs. They can move at what seems like lightning speed. People are usually frightened by the centipede’s appearance. They have long, sensitive antennae that they use aggressively to navigate and hunt for food. Centipedes have a set of legs for each segment in their long, flat, reddish-brown body and large, claw-like limbs that contain a gland of venom.

Besides giving you a scare as they scamper across your floor or lay lurking in your bathtub, they can also deliver a venomous bite! While a centipede may bite, their venom usually only causes localized inflammation and irritation.

Centipede Behavior

These bugs invade your home in search of food. Centipedes have little to no eyesight and track their prey by means of touch and smell.

Centipedes like to hide in moist, dark, and secluded areas. As they are nocturnal, it may be a long time before you come into contact with one and realize that you have a problem.

These insects lay eggs in damp soil in the spring or summer. Most centipedes live over a year, but some can live up to six years. Because of their long lifespan, an effective treatment plan must address the areas where centipedes are currently living, as well as any additional areas vulnerable to infestation.

Where Centipedes Live In Your Home

Centipedes tend to lurk in dark, damp areas and so, you will often find them near to or coming out of drains and sinks. They tend to prefer bathrooms and kitchens. Basements are rare in the KC area, but if you do have a basement, it is likely that centipedes will try to sneak in there too. Centipedes hunt and eat other insects that tend to live in these same areas.

Getting Rid Of Centipedes

There are many different kinds of centipedes and getting rid of them can be tricky. When you find centipedes in your home, it is often an indicator of additional pest infestations, because centipedes prey upon other insects. To get rid of centipedes, you need to locate and apply treatment to the areas where the environment is attractive to them.

Non-Chemical Pest Control Treatment For Centipedes

Eliminating their food source: centipedes eat other insects, so you can usually prevent a centipede infestation by ensuring that other insects are unable to enter the home.

Moisture: If you have a problem with flooding or leaking pipes, drying these areas out will help to prevent centipedes from infesting your home.

Clutter: Remove clutter so that centipedes will not be hidden from sight.

pest control centipedes
pest control centipedes

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