The mere mention of fleas can make you itch. That’s because jumping and biting on anything that moves is how these tiny invaders make themselves known. They can be carried into your home by pets and people. If you notice your pets starting to scratch more than usual, you might be in trouble. At that point, it is likely that your yard, carpet, and furniture are all infested with fleas. Don’t be surprised if you start getting bit as well. If this is the case in your home, it’s time to call McCarthy Pest & Termite Control.

Fleas are efficient breeders. They are so very small, about a 1/8 of an inch long. Finding them in your carpet or on your furniture is virtually impossible with the naked eye. So, unless they are actively jumping on you, you might not be able to detect them. However, fleas leave behind droppings, called flea dirt, which looks like dark specs on your pet’s skin. This makes it easier to find fleas on your pets than on your furniture or in your carpet.

Fleas Carry Diseases

When fleas feast on diseased rodents they can transmit that disease to humans, including tularemia, plague, and murine typhus. In addition, if you or your pet inadvertently ingest a flea, you might be swallowing tapeworm eggs. Even worse, flea bites irritate the skin of pets and people. If there is an allergic reaction to the bites, the effects might be longer-lasting and possibly more severe.

These bugs need moisture to live, like us, and there is excess moisture around your home. Once fleas are in your home they are staying, and they will continue to multiply. As a preventative measure, get rid of any excess water source in your home. Check all plumbing for leaks and make sure there is no dripping at the outside faucets. Route the air conditioner drain hose away from the house and check frequently for condensation build-up. Put dehumidifiers down in your basement if it takes on water during storms and be sure to install adequate drainage. Fleas thrive on water, particularly in hard-to-reach crawlspaces and wet areas caused by leaks around your foundation.

McCarthy Termite & Pest Control Flea Treatment

If you have discovered fleas in or around your home, carpet, furniture, and/or lawn, they all need to be professionally treated as quickly as possible. When there is a large infestation, the chemicals bought at your local hardware store will be inefficient. The chemicals used by McCarthy Termite & Pest Control’s trained technicians will not only get rid of the fleas, but it will also interrupt their growth cycle. They know the exact amount to use in order to keep your home safe. Don’t forget to treat your pets with the help of your veterinarian.

Know this – fleas are resilient and can live on anything that provides a blood meal including rodents, pets, and birds. AND it is easy to lose control as they are very difficult to see. They won’t go away on their own! Let us help you eradicate the fleas from your house and keep them off of your family and pets. Live itch- and bite-free! Call our trained experts at McCarthy Termite & Pest control today for help with treating a flea infestation or to prevent them from ever entering your home.